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Missing Land Rover 110 Camper Conversion


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Have been asked to post this can you keep an eye out for it.


"Hi folks


Can you please post this to any groups you may belong to that are relevant.


My daughter and SIL had their BLUE 1984 Land Rover 110 camper conversion stolen from their back garden last night between 1600-2000 in Saffron Walden.


This vehicle is blue, with a raising roof, 300tdi + R380, galvanised chassis and bulkhead.


Further the engine and transfer box numbers are:


300 Tdi - 16L14382A

LT230 - 02 220697163G

Reg No. B220 ARL


This is a vehicle that was purpose built for his father, and he has owned and cherished it since before we knew him over 15+ years. It had a new gearbox last week as well.....


Any help and further sharing of this may aid the recovery, but..... the feeling is it has been stolen to order and probably stripped for parts....


He now has the hassle of trying to deal with the insurance, for what is a unique original vehicle....


Thanks folks




You can contact me on carol at carolweaver.co.uk "





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This is the second posting Ive read about a van being stolen after it has been into a workshop :-S I cant recall where the last one was ! but it was stored at a F.I.L property and everything was taken even the wheel clamp, there was nothing left on site which is suspicious in itself, as anyone in a hurry wouldn't bother to take these things with them!! Id be very suspicious of anyone that has had the keys in their possession recently.
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Thieves go for older cars now as they are much easier to drive off. 1984 land rovers have rubbish locks and no immobilisers.

I haven't even got a key for the tailgate on my 1970 S2a, I keep it in a locked yard.

Good luck with the search, I'll put it on a few LR sites for you.

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