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Compass Echo 340/2


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Thankyou so much, this is exactly the site I was hoping to find!


A lot of caravans are advertised for sale with dimensions or weights so now I can locate the info without having to keep asking sellers.


Again thankyou, as I did google but didn't find this site


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Hi Thanks again for the info!


We are now the owners of a Compass Echo 340/2! Its a beautiful little 'van for its age, looks and feel a lot newer, very nicely fitted, and very well maintained. No damp whatsoever. Perfect weight for our car, and a great price.


The only that that detracts in any way from the appearance is a lot of crazing on the small fibreglass gas bottle cover on the front.


Are caravan manufacturers like cars manufacturers whereby they keep stock of parts even for older 'vans?


I looked on Elddis / Compass website and there wasn't any reference to parts that I could find, only caravan models and sales.





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