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Porta Potti


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So folks, now that we have our caravan, we need to buy a porta-potti


I just wanted to ask, the ones I have sen are freestanding, which simply sit on the floor.


Is there an option to buy something to secure them to floor when the caravan is on the move?


Cheers Alan

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In addition to the "Excellence" model that the fixing-plate Retread24800 has mentioned is for, Thetford produces marine versions of more conventional Porta Potti designs for which a 'hold-down kit' can be obtained to secure the toilet to the floor. I'm not sure how many of the marine variants are marketed in the UK, but the Porta Potti Qube 335 certainly is.


This advert shows a Qube 335.




Regarding your other question about parts availability, I doubt very much that there'll be a parts-listing on-line, but an Elddis/Compass dealership should be able to tell you what's available. Current dealerships can be located here:




Some parts (eg. Thetford locker doors) will have been fitted to a wide range of caravans (not just Compass/Elddis ones), but any part unique to an early-1990s caravan may well not be available from the caravan manufacturer. In such cases, a caravan breaker is likely to be the best bet. This is a 2010 listing that might prove useful:




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zaria123 - 2013-12-07 6:53 PM


Excellent info, I was looking at the porta potti toilets and to be honest the Excellence model looks amazing but probably too high spec for our 'van.

I have bought a Qube 335 online with hold down kit, and its an ideal compact size.



In my motorhome built in the 1980's there was indeed a toilet compartment, but empty of any fittings. We fitted an Elsan which had a floor mounting plate, but I admit most of us just trudged over to the ablutions. I am sure that you can get a floor mounting Porta Potti but you may also wish to have a look at fitting a cassette model.It involves cutting a door panel in the outside wall, or inside panel if better, but would solve the issue completely.

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