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Best viewing point for the Yorkshire stage of TdF


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Any advice from regular Tour followers appreciated..


I am fortunate to have had two offers of places to stay to see the Tour de France. One is overnight parking for the motorhome in a private garden at Nidd to be able to walk to the roundabout at Ripley and the other is overnight in my brothers flat near to the sprint finish in Harrogate town centre..


Would I be better being near the roundabout as they will be slowing down and it may not be so crowded or would it be better to be at the finish where it will no doubt be six deep at the roadside?


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The problem with most of the tour route in Yorkshire is that it's on roads that are quite narrow, and most are enclosed by walls, fences and/or ditches.


On the Buttertubs climb It will be interesting to see whether motorhomes or cars are allowed at the various "car parks" on the higher portion of the route, there isn't generally (from memory) much space to park on the verge along there.


On the long climb from Mytholmroyd through Cragg Vale up to the A58, again I can't think of anywhere apart from next to the reservoir at the top where there is any roadside space. There is on the next downhill bit near Baitings Res but they will be whizzing down that bit.


The climb out of Ripponden towards Barkisland might be interesting but not very long and from Greetland up to the M62 is again a bit of a pull.


There is no where on the climb from Holmebridge to Holme Moss where anybody could park on the verge, there are a couple of side tracks but I imagine they will be blocked off. I imagine the car park at the top will be turned over to official vehicles, and the Yorkshire Water car park by Brownhill Res and at Digley Res and the adjacent road will be filled early.


So I agree the best view will probably be from the TV, but I've watched it at home for years and this year I will see them go past at a least one spot on the Buttertubs climb. I've got a space on the floor in a barn about 100 m from the road, and the rest of the spaces are taken and for the tents around the barn. If you watch the TV see if can spot the 1st SV Scouts Banners. By the way we've no parking and are looking at using a coach to get up there for the w/e party.


In T de F parlance our hills are not really hills they're not long enough, but some bits are steeper than most in the Alps.


cheers alan

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Nobody seems to have answered your question so far, so we will try. We live twix Leeds and Harrogate and know the first days route very well

We enjoy being spectators at cycle road races and avid followers of The Tour on the TV and in France. Running approx half to a hour before the race arrival in the cavelcade of the Tour sponcers, some freebys can be cought!!!

Your first choice is at the Ripley roundabout, they are on the run in to Harrogate at this point , if there has been a breakway earlier on in the day, they will either be chasing them down, or already got the back in the peliton, which ever, the pace should be good as they pass this point, but once they have passed which is a matter of seconds, the team cars follow, which is a spectical in its self, but that is it.

Your second choice Harrogate. On the stray is going to be a 'big' screen were you can watch the live action of the whole days race.You cant get anywere near the finish line that is taken up with all The Tours offical village, but there is a full pa system on the finish area and dont forget you have the big screen The vibe arond the finish area and all that is happening hours before the race arrives will be great, team coaches will be parked up fairly closby and the cavelcade comes through the finish. If you keep your eyes open you will probebly see a few famous faces. You will have a whole day of entertainment in Harrogate and will have had the full Tour experiance.

So I think you can tell were we think you should go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But were ever you decied to go,we hope you enjoy it.

We wont be in Harrogate, Buttertubs is our destination, not in the motorhome though. parking is vertualy none existant, it will be on two wheels.

We have to disagree with AliB and think if Cav can get his team to work with him and for him this year, if he does gets dropped on Buttertubs theres still a long way to Harrogate for the team to get him back in the race and challenge for a win.

Its going to be a fantastic two days in Gods Own County and we cant wait, after we have seen day two at Holme Moss, were in the Motorhome to follow the race to France and see the finish in Paris, proudly flying our Yorkshire flag as we go.


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