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Damp meter


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I appreciate it may seem a contradiction in terms but does anyone know of a "cheapish" damp meter that does the job. Being an OAP on a limited income I don't want to, or, more to the point can't afford to spend £200 - £300 on one.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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It tough being an OAP, I know I am one!


Cheap damp meters are not much use. They use a couple of prongs that you poke into what you test.

The meter measures the resistance across them and moves the needle on the meter.


They might work on some areas but are useless on damp behind panels or where plastic faced board is used.


I have tried one and found it useless, it couldn't find any damp but when I removed a panel it was well damp, actually wet.


It might be worth asking your local dealers if they will do a damp test, and how much.


The proper meters are expensive and much more accurate.



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I'm not sure of your location but I have a professional damp meter you could borrow if local to me?.. Pm me if you are in or around Yorkshire

I have to agree with the general consensus, there is no such thing as a good, but cheap, damp meter. I have been bitten and learned the hard way!

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Guest JudgeMental

What a considerate offer..well done that man! I would do likewise if I has one. The cheap ones a waste of time,I have one for checking log supplies for my wood burning stove, and that's about all they are good for the paddle type measure depth. But you also need to know where to look...


why do you think you need one?


You can hire them you know..try a quick Google

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