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Have you got an Elddis/Explorer Group Caravan with one of these?


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The attached image is of the lower right-hand corner of the forward window on the nearside body panel of my 2001 Elddis Crusader SuperSirocco. This was the 'New Model' and the launch year for this SuperSirocco and was a totally new configuration albeit I understand that the bodyshell had been introduced in 1998,the entrance door was positioned rearward of the axle/axles.

As the range increased in variants more and more acquired the door forward of the axle/axles.

The problem was apparently first reported in the later part of the 2001 model year and it appears to affect the longer single axle and a number of twin axle variants. The exact numbers are not known.

This issue was allegedly addressed by the caravan manufacturer sometime just prior to March 2011 when an issue with a 15months old Compass Rallye was discussed as part of a Caravan Club 'Members Question Time & Open Forum' which was held on the 12th March 2011 at The Holiday Inn,High Wycombe.

The response from the Elddis Representative a Mr David Whitehead -- Homologation Manager was reported/recorded as :-- Elddis are aware of this fault and changes to the design have been made.

Well guess what,it has not been a very effective 'fix' because the issue was and apparently still is occurring on post March 2011 caravans from Elddis/The Explorer Group.

This cracking/splitting of the aluminium skins has been attributed to POTHOLES & KERBING. Some claimants have been successful with claims under the warranty and others have been told to claim on their caravan insurance.

This is a most despicable cop-out on the part of the manufacturer and leaves others to pick-up the bill.

This issue is now an 'Old Chestnut' indeed it is a 12yrs+ issue.

The Sale of Goods Act is seemingly only affective against the dealer and they are the ones that are relaying the replies/responses/reaction of the manufacturer back to their customers.

In some cases there have been reports of huge losses incurred when customers have lost all faith in the product and gotten shut and after having to cover the cost of the 'fix' themselves before it was rendered saleable. These 'Fixes' are not guaranteed and have been reported as having returned within a relatively short time of having been carried out.

As yet, this issue has not been reported on caravans constructed using the SoLiD method of construction albeit there are apparently issues with aspects of a number of those models.


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