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Efoy Cells


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Hi Tony


Had one of these and when it needed repair it had to go back to Germany and was going to cost €1498 to repair. It cost £3300 fitted 3 years ago with a two year guarantee. It had done 2600 hours. I could not afford to have it repaired so gave up on it.


It was a great piece of kit and did exactly what it was designed to do - very quiet and automatic. The 1600 was the model and it put in 6 amps to the leisure batteries and a five litre can of fuel lasted for approx 100 hours. Fuel sometimes difficult to get especially in parts of Spain but availability is improving all the time. They now come with a 5 year guarantee so are better value and probably much improved in design although still a very expensive item.


I am looking at another solar panel and some intelligent electrics for charging batteries whilst camping wild which is most of the time.


Hope this helps

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Hi Judge


Yes there are alternatives now, so much research needed. LPG is precious for heating purposes but easier to source and is less dangerous to carry I would think.


I would look at solar panels and generators before fuel cells depending on the type of camping you do. The small Honda generator is ideal for charging on wild sites and is cheap compared to fuel cells it also has a 5 year guarantee.


If you are lucky enough to chase the sun then solar is definitely the answer.



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Guest JudgeMental
surely solar has to be the first call before investing in this sort of expense....just look at that chaps experience with efoy and the 2K repair bill after just a couple of years....and he gave up :-S
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I have a solar panel and the efoy 1600.

Solar panels are great in summer, but in winter, they are not.


Efoy small year round are asuperb. Expensive, but leave on auto and forget.

In winter, when it gets down to 3deg it switches on to keep warm and it constantly monitors the battery and charges when req.


Normally 10 Ltrs lasts a year.


Dangerous? Gas is, petrol is,


If you drink the fuel, they say you will go blind. Then why should wish to drink it.


It's a first class bit of kit. The new Efoy is even better, higher output and the fan is quieter.


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