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Drill sets


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Pete-B - 2014-02-18 10:24 AM



Don't know if they're at the NRC C&C show this week but has anyone ever bought one of those "miracle" drill sets that are supposed to be able to drill anything and everything?


Why would you need one of these for a MH. In mine, any drilling necessary can be done by hand with a sharp pencil.

Mind you, mine is British.

Cue the usual suspects. :D

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Having worked with engineering drills all my working life I can say that a drill that is produced to cut multiple materials will not perform as well as a drill that is produced to drill a hole in a particular material.


If you need a set of drills that you can use in various situations to just drill 4 or 5 holes or so then a set of multi-purpose drills will be useful to have in the the tool box.


If you need to drill a large number of holes in one particular material a drill made and ground to suit that material will perform much better. For instance try drilling brass with a drill that is made and ground to drill steel you will have great problems and visa versa. A multi purpose drill MAY manage to drill both materials but not as efficiently.or safely.



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