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Drive-Rite Suspension in Spain


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While driving our 1999 Ducato X230 around Spain this winter, we realised the rear suspension needed to be upgraded. First we found a friendly Dethleths dealer in Lorca who arranged to have a local garage replace the shock absorbers. Thanks to several members who had supplied the part numbers.


We then contacted Drive-Rite who informed us that the Spanish agent is Alex Huesa, website www.micasaconruedas.com. I contacted Alex by email with the help of Google Translate. He obtained the semi-air suspension kit and arranged for his local garage to install it. Excellent service on his part. He is just north of Barcelona and we were going that way to visit a friend.


The improvement is literally amazing. The old spring assisters had started to break down which you couldn't see in situ.


Maybe this can help someone in the future.

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