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I have tried to send emails to two different addresses and I am having difficulty. I am on widows 7 and I use Microsoft office 2007, I am trying to send to a sky.com email with an underscore. example,

Extra_blog@sky.com and this is what happens it suddenly puts a continues line all the way across, it puts the underscore on to start with then as soon as I move on it suddenly draws the line right across. Any help would be appreciated.


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I'm not a Microsoft user, but does it matter that, after you've typed in the email address containing the underscore, that the software then underlines the complete address? (Which I assume is what's happening.)


What I'm suggesting is that, although the software automatically UNDERLINES the address, this action may not override the UNDERSCORE character within the address (ie. the underscore character is still there, it's just 'cloaked' by the underlining.) An underscore character is valid for use within an e-mail address, so the address itself is not the problem.


I'm guessing what's happening may be linked to Outlook's 'Autoresolve' feature as described here




so you could try altering your Advanced E-mail Options to see if that has any affect on the underlining.


Have you tried to send the email after the underlining has taken place? If so, what (if anything) happened? If your emails are successfully transmitted despite the address with underscore being fully underlined, it won't matter why the software is underlining the address.


If your emails will not transmit (and you don't get feedback here that sorts out your problem) you'd be best to inquire on a website specifically set up to deal with this type of query. For example



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.... as you allude to, Derek, the Microsoft software is simply recognising what it thinks is an eMail adress, and highlighting it on the display only by means of an underline. At the same time in some of the Office programs it creates a "hyperlink" to the address which means you can click on it to start an eMail (to the nominated address) with your mail program.


This action, unlike for example, much else of autocorrect in Office, does not alter the actual typed characters (in this case the eMail address), and hovering over the underlined text will (maybe software version dependent) show that it has created a hyperlink to the originally typed address.


If printed, the eMail address will appear as typed.


The only downside, as the OP will have noted, is that it makes it difficult, on a display, to see an underscore in a typed address (but use of the hover, as defined above, will help with that).


(Note, a similar action may be taken for website URLs)


If you don't like the creation of hyperlinks, there is an option (program and version dependent) to turn them off - on my version of Word, for instance:



>Autocorrect Options

>Autoformat as you type

>untick "Internet and Network Paths with Hyperlinks"


Searching your Office help for "hyperlinks" should show your method if it is different.


(the whole concept is not too different from this forum creating clickable hyperlinks from website URLs, as exampled in Derek's post above. The forum software, however, chooses simply to change the text to blue when it creates a hyperlink, and doesn't use underline).






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Part of my working life was spent providing IT support.


When people contacted me with a problem, it was sometimes difficult to establish quite what they were doing and I often ended up making a ‘house call’ rather than spending a lot of time on the phone trying to decide whether the problem was complex or simple. Unfortunately, in your case, I can’t make a house-call. ;-)


I assume you are familiar with your Microsoft software and regularly send and receive emails successfully. From your original description I would have thought (as Robinhood says) that the underlining that happens beneath the email address would have been a normal feature, and that the fact that the email address included an underscore would not be important.


If what you are trying to do is no different to what you are accustomed to doing, but these particular emails are not getting through to the recipients, I‘m first going to suggest the obvious – that the email addresses you are using may be incorrect.


If the emails won’t transmit in the first place (which is what you seem to be suggesting when you say “...they are not being SENT to the recipients”) then there is presumably something in your software that dislikes email addresses with an underscore in them.


Once you’ve checked that the email addresses you’ve been using are apparently correct, if you can say EXACTLY what the addresses are, it might be possible to check if other people have the same problem.


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Can you confirm that you are typing the e-mail address into the address bar of the e-mail program?

You say you are using Microsoft Office '07, which implies your e-mailer may be Outlook, but not all versions of Office include Outlook. So, can you confirm what e-mail program you are using?

You say the e-mails are not going. Do you mean they are not being recieved, or that you can't see them in your sent items box? Are they perhaps stuck in your outbox?

Are you generally able to send e-mails, and only these ones are in some way failing, or is this a general problem?

Finally, as above, has this just started to happen, or has it been going-on for some time?

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