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The final solution !


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Ho Ho and three times Ho.


I've cancelled my Broadband completely. BT have cocked things up so much that I for one have decided to stuff the lot of them.


To start with They blocked my email without asking and I find it so complicated with all their faffing about that I've had enough ... the end. The final solution.


I may look in again but for now I'm away to join the fairies at the bottom of the garden


Perhaps I will even resurrect Mrs T just to stir everyone up again. Its been great fun but I refuse to bow to their nonsense !

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Will, I moved mine from BT to Zen a year or so ago.


I rang BT earlier this week about going on fibre optic now that its is available. At least this time I spoke to a Scotsman but it was still too much hassle going through the layers they have. I rang Zen, a northern sounding lady answered the phone immediately and put everything in place for it to happen later this week. She also talked me through the options to help me choose the best package and set up, saving me some money at the same time.


Zen is not the cheapest but does seem to pick up awards form the industry and consumer groups.

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