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New TomTom but which one?


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Well I have the Start 25 and it is fine, I wish I could say the same about TomTom Customer Service!


I downloaded the map updates after many tries, I assumed the fault was something in my software. But no, there is a totally new program to replace "TT Home" called "MY Drive", it is web based and boy is it a mess! Without any instructions I had to find all this out by Googling and trying different websites until I found the one that worked. I say worked, it took 6 BLOODY HOURS to download the maps, and my speed is around 6.5 Mbs!


I cannot register for Lifetime Maps because TT don't have the Start 25 on the list on the website, I cannot phone customer services because after a long wait on the 0845 number it simply cuts me off. I have had to resort to an email, I wonder if they will bother to reply?


If I had know how bad the after sales experience was going to be I would have bought something else.

Maybe I could have used my Android and Osmand or Viewranger I have on my smart phone. Still, I have some back up!


So there is the warning from a (used to be) happy TomTom user.


I have loaded Archies, Lidl and Aldi POIs so I am ready for the off in April.





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colin - 2014-03-03 10:57 AM


tonyishuk - 2014-03-03 10:48 AM


I have seen various reports that it it is not possible, or more difficult to put your own POIs into the later Tomtoms.


How true is this ?


I generally use the GPS Forum speed camera down loads, and my own list of POIs for various campsites.




I have a TT via125, have loaded archies and c&cc poi's. The archies went straight on, c&cc required a conversion as they don't do it in correct format, also the icons needed a 'tweek', once you know the system it's quite straightforward, BUT, there has been an update to the TT program and i've not added/updated poi's since, so I can't confirm if it's still ok.


Well I've just spent 2hrs just to update the C&CC poi's, 'hell and damnation' what a PIA had to download an update to 'mydrive', then 'mydrive' and TT wouldn't reconise each other, after several reboots of pute and TT eventualy got it sorted. I note C&CC now do .ov2 files which makes life a bit easier not having to convert Garmin files to .ov2 TT files. Will be updating Achies nearer our set out date to europe, just have to hope TT haven't made any more updates to mydrive before then. Just have to remember to go into config to wipe mydrive off start up now.

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DavyT5 - 2014-03-08 12:53 PM



I had a tom tom for about 6 years and if gave up would not charge so I have a Samsung Note 2 Phone I down loaded the Tom Tom App and used in the UK then I took it on a trip to Spain travelled from Santander to Mazzarron stopping at several places on the way down and Back and it worked better than I though it would, it did take me through Madrid I should have checked the route but no problem returned around Madrid M50 I will not buy a stand alone Tom Tom now

The note 2 phone is quite large as a phone but not to big for any other use show lane changes brilliantly and less chargers to carry

and it will take Latitude and longitude inputs great App as you would expect from Tom Tom


Doesn't that mean you get huge data bills on your phone? I'd do the same if it didn't cost..........

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Bulletguy - 2014-03-04 5:30 PM.

... TT in their wisdom incorporated the plug fitting in the mount so you cannot buy any 'after market' mount which would be more effective....


Oh bother! We're about to replace our fading 720go, but a method of operation favoured by my navigator is to work with a cig lighter-usb charge lead plugged in. I can also use this method to charge from my m/cycle battery.


Does the integral charge lead mean you HAVE to connect to the mount in order to charge, - or can you hand hold the unit using a simple charging lead? (Big assumption on my part.. the TT is a usb connector?..)



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Just read an exhaustive survey of Tomtoms .... yet still short of facts


What I'd really like is to be able to do route calculations that include restrictions for larger vehicles.


The TT Camping Caravan version is said to offer this as well as 45 countries, but it has a lot of bells & whistles I don't need and is +£300.


There must a better solution.


ALSO.... if we want to take our new device to Australia, can we, (and how much would it cost to ) load the relevant maps on any new TomTom device. It was prohibitive on our existing 720GO

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I have just purchased a Garmin on the assumption I could do itinery planning without the help of a computer , but it don't , so John Lewis are getting it back , now I am looking for a tomtom to replace my tt 750go live which is great for itinery planning ,but like me getting old and a bit slow unfortunately at the moment I cannot seem to find one.
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Been busy today.. trying to work out the best one for me..


I'd like to know if anyone has any experience of the TomTom Camper device. (£306 in Halfords today with lifetime updates). In many respects, it's the same device as the GO LIVE 1005 (web price £130, - no "lifetime" updates)

OR the Camper Map optional download...Today 18 April 2014 the Europe camper map update price is £79.95 (also no updates)


Is the TT Camper device or the "Camper Map" worth having?


My thoughts are that knowing how out of date the TT camera info tends to be, - is it likely that the Camper POI's included are also of dubious merit, - and would I simply be better off using Archie for Sites/aires/stellplatz, AND downloading a weight./height/width restriction poi list(if I could find one) ?


Am learning that the TomTom model number choice is a bit of a minefield. e.g. support page


(Updated: 8 Feb 2013 - so arguably in need of an update) says:


The Camper & Caravan features can be installed on many existing TomTom devices. Check to see if your device is compatible: GO 1000 series*, GO LIVE 800 series($), Via series*, Start 20 series, Start 60.

* Only devices with more than 4 GB of internal memory or a memory card slot.


I've learned that the * is critical because the Camper map is 3.22GB Accordingly your device must have enough internal or SD storage unless you want to delete other maps.


By experimenting with the "select model" option on the TomTom map site I discovered that Via 130/135 and Via LIVE 115/120/125 can take the download but Via 110/115/120/125 can't.

($) only 820 & 825 show as being compatible if you click through the "select model" option


From previous posts, it looks like age / Firmware version / provision (or not) of SD slot, matter greatly

E.g. later models of the GO 1000 with SD slot CAN take the Map, Earlier models without, -can't.


Minefield, brain hurts now.. going to eat




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News from the Gurus on the TomTom forum................ verbatim .. not my contribution


If you're considering a 1005 device, make sure the model that you're being offered is the GO LIVE 1005 v2.


The 1005 v2 has 8GB of internal memory and a microSD card slot on the bottom; this version is compatible with the Camper & Caravan EU map.


The earlier 1005 v1 has 4GB of internal memory and doesn't have a microSD card slot; this version is not able to use the Camper & Caravan map.



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