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Tyres 2 questions please.

duetto owner

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had a ford service last week [transit duetto camper] and all ok. then few days later got a nail in the tyre it was on the edge so no repair option.[vehicle used daily as only vehicle, done 22ooo miles]


stopped at one tyre place for a quote/advice and the lad pointed out on all my tyres i had cracks between the lines of tread [original pirelli tyres] and they would all need replacing soon.


I wondered why the ford garage never picked this up on the 5 year service, anyway further up the road was another tyre depot so went for a 2nd opinion and was told the cracks are ok but when you see the colour beading though the cracks change the tyres.


I had a new tyre fitted and was given the option of budget, mid range, or premium tyres and went for the mid range tyre [which was also suitable for campervan weight].


was after readers opinions on the cracks and which range of tyres they would opt for.



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I had a similar Duetto (2008 MK7) and had done 47,000 miles when part-exed last Saturday. The tyres had plenty of tread left and would have easily gone to 50,000+. However all tyres were starting to show (not very) deep cracks and if I had kept the vehicle, I would have changed them all this year.


Interesting to read that your Duetto came with Pirelli tyres, mine came with Continentals.


In my experience you get what you pay for with tyres and I would always go for the best I could get. Which? is a good source of impartial testing and can be used to give a good idea of value / performance between different brands.

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