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Blast from the past - 1995


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Found a copy of Which Motorcaravan April 1995, price £1.90. I've kept a few old mags which are of a particular interest to me. This one was when I was looking to change my Elddis Voyager for one of the new Sevel vans with full passenger seatbelts for the kids.


I've written the insurance quote for a new Swift Royale would be £292.13 from Bakers of Cheltenham. I could have gone for Comfort Insurance or Safeguard.


Letters page contained a complaint that road tests never think about those over 6' tall. Road tests included the Murvi Meteor - the best Murvi yet? - and the Auto-Trail Cheyenne 584 - family motorhoming in a 5.76m long, 2.16m wide van costing £25,820. Madisons were trying to offload the old brown and cream Hymers as the new Sevel based models were coming in. Hymers were advertised as 'Hymers' not a-classes. Ignoring the Hymers and Pilotes, there was mention of a 1987 low profile Swift Kontiki and Machzone low profiles so it looks like lutons and PVC dominated the market.


New motorcavan sales were up 5.7% in 1994 at 3,442 units although vehicle sales as a whole were up at 7%. 51 new motorhome models were launched because of the new van chassis although the sales environment was difficult.


There was an article on Club Brownhiills, set up so this "forward looking dealer" ... could progress its "incentivisation programme to enhance brand loyalty to Brownhills".


The must have accessory was a should bag for men. Bicycles had pedals but no electric motors. Advertisements did not quote a web pages address.


Four nights at the Peterborough Show would cost £21 with no extra charge for Saturday's entertainment. The booking form didn't let you specify which club pitch you wanted.


I liked 'Rambling by Loadstone' articles, a sort of touring blog in a magazine.


And every other page and more was for advertisements!

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