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Ducato springs


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The top strut mounts are behind the dashboard but, no, the dashboard doesn't need to come out.


Left hand side (on a RHD vehicle) is easy: release the glovebox catches and drop it down then remove the trim panel above it - 5 or 6 screws. Then you can get a spanner on the 3 bolts that secure the top mount.


Right hand side is done through the access panel for the fusebox/body computer. You will need to release this unit though to swing it out of the way. Mine had a tamper-proof cover over it and needed 3 shearbolts drilling out first.


Everything else is done from outside/underneath.

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I was quoted $AU800 for new shock absorbers but sourced a new pair from interstate for $500. A set of new improved springs cost $230 so now to fork out the mechanics fee to install.


I contacted a suspension firm about restoring the exisiting shocks and they said:


Ducato shock absorbers are unrepairable, New shocks are made by the same manufacturer as original ones & suffer from the same symptoms such as insufficient bump & rebound pressures. There is no local product available as an upgrade or heavy duty shock for the Ducato front.


So genuine remains the sole option for an improved ride and handling.


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