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Tyre size


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First thing would be which model, although I've only seen them on a x2/50, if it is an x2/50 it's proboly on the light chassis, but if it's a 3l might be on maxi chassis, if it's xlwb will be on a maxi chassis. There are two factory option for each chassis, so it could be 215/70-15, 225/70-15, 215/75-16, 225/75-16.
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Suda - 2014-03-12 7:50 AM


Does anybody know the tyre size for a Rapido PVC on a Fiat Ducato chassis please?


If you are referring to the current three-model Rapido PVC range (example of V53 model on following link)




the wheel diameter is 15" and the tyre specification will be 215/70 R15


I don't know if Rapido fits 'camping' tyres (eg. 215/70 R15CP 109) to their PVCs or 'commercial' tyres (eg. 215/70 R15C 109/107), though I suspect it will be the latter.


(It's usually possible with current Ducato PVCs to make an educated guess at the tyre size based on how much space the wheels take up in the wheel arches. For example, from the 4th photo of the Globecar model (with 16" wheels) shown on this webpage




it's clear that there's significantly more space taken up in the arches than with the Rapido that has 15" wheels.).

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