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2014 Compass Rallye 634 and 644.


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Hi to you all out there. I have been seriously considering selling or PX'ing my 2001 Elddis Crusader SuperSirocco and going for the reborn Compass Rallye 634 or the 644.

The intention is to get a new but last caravan before I am fitted for a shroud!!!

Has anyone got one yet and what are your findings or am I a bit premature on delivery dates?

If anyone has got one yet; have you checked the noseweight in the MiRO state? and on perfectly level ground.

After reading about excessive Ex Factory noseweight and a reluctance for the manufacturer to disclose/publish one I am interested in knowing how it will rate against that of my SuperSirocco.

My experience some years ago with a 1992 Fleetwood Colchester and an absolutely horrendous Ex works noseweight and the rather precarious journey home from collecting it from Derby taught me an invaluable lesson. Don't believe what they want you to read.

Does the new Compass caravan come with fitted shock absorbers?


Your findings and comments would be very much appreciated.


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