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fridge freezer


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Hi There, We have a Burstner 674G, this motorhome has a fridge freezer but the freezer compartment

is tiny.

We were thinking of buying a Dometic B40 fridge freezer 40 litre capacity.

The idea is to run the B40 from the 300watt invertor which is powered by the solar panel (size unknown)

physical size is 1 metre squared.

Leisure battery is 110 amp, the idea is to run this set up wnen not on hook up.

Question is would it work?

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Why would you want to run it from an inverter when it has a 12V input?


From the spec:- 12v 48 watts, 230v 65 watts.

They don't appear to state average consumption so if you took a guess at say 36W ave over 24 hours that would take 72 a/h out of your battery. Your solar panel could be around 100W which on a good sunny day may give 50-60 a/h more realistic 30 a/h and we are taking about mid summer.

I would say not on unless you at least doubled your battery up and added at least another 100w solar panel even then probably only viable in mid summer.

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They don't make it obvious couldn't see that mentioned couldn't even find the product on the Domectic site.


If thats the case probably another 30 a/h a day I think you are onto a looser you really need a gas solution I seem to remember there were some gas/ electric ones around a some years ago I think there were by Camping Gaz.



Dometic RC1180, discontinued in the UK but still available in other countries, may still be some UK stock about it's not cheap about £450.

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