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Timing belt


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I'm guessing that your Adria motorhome has a 2.5litre motor (either the 120bhp or 150bhp version).


If that's so, I suggest you GOOGLE-search on "renault master 2.5dci timing belt" (omitting the quotes).


The price for a timing belt KIT (which I assume is what you'll need) seems to vary from £70-upwards according to who makes it.


(I've no idea how much a Renault agent would charge for a 'genuine' belt-kit.)

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Had my timing belt replaced last year cost £425, incl vat.

This included another belt which was worn - can't remember what it does.

Work carried out by Renault dealer. Job requires removal of various items - hence high labour costs.

My van is late 2007 Master with 150bhp turbo engine.

Had it done by renault dealer as non-franchised garage wanted another £50 for same job !

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As you have a A class it will be a bit more difficult to get full access so the labour will be higher than on a normal Renault Master,

I also have the same type motorhome and have brought the required timing belt locking pins and camshafts locking clamps, when I replace my belt later this year I will use a gates timing belt kit including the idler and adjuster pulley,

It would be gross stupidity not too!

Also when it's stripped out will check condition of the water pump, though it isn't driven by the timing belt if it's got any play then replace while you have access



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