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peter21 - 2014-04-07 6:52 AM


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If you are going to France consider joemobile.com. It's a switch on switch off wifi and mobile service operated by SFR and for 20€ you get 3Gb data, free phone calls to all eec countries and texts for a month.


You need an unlocked phone or wifi device and a sim card . The cards are free with 5€ credit if you log on to joemobile and go to "Foreigner requiring sim card.". Someone will send you one within a couple of days. The card can be topped up with a UK credit card. All you need is a French address to register the SIM. (A hotel or friends address will do).


joemobile sounds like a good option for the phone and to top up the days the europasim can't do (you only have 20 days a month as I understand it); we have a friend with a French address. Does anyone one know if you can walk in to a SFR shop in France and buy one?


You can get them sent here - I went onto Giffgaff's forum, searched on "Joe" and found a French member (forgotten his name) who'd posted that he was happy to send a Joe sim free. Arrived in a couple of days.

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