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Dometic Fridge/Freezer problem - help please.

Madge Gentle

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We have a Dometic RMD 8505 Fridge/Freezer in a one year old MH.


It's worked all right on EHU/gas and battery until yesterday when I switched it on - the blue light lit up and pressing automatic switched it to EHU and everything seemed as normal.


After about two minutes the blue light started flashing on the controls of the 8505 and a buzzer sounded.


About 30 seconds later the buzzer stopped but the blue light continued to flash.


Apparently something wasn't quite right.


I pressed the fault reset button, right hand side of the control panel, but it didn't seem to make any difference.


I tried again - switched it off, then pressed the On switch, selected EHU, scratched my head and hoped for the best – but the same thing happened once more.


I switched off the fridge and disconnected the EHU.


I put the gas supply on and switched the 8505 back on with the indicator on the Gas symbol.


Once again the blue light started flashing and the buzzer sounded after a couple of minutes.


Any help or ideas of a solution to what may be a very simple answer before I contact the Dealer?

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The "common" factor in both conditions would be the Thermostat I suspect. I am not sure about "New" fridges, but most older ones running on 12v are not "controlled" (via the thermostat) . Does it work OK with the Engine running on 12v?. Either way unless you are able to replace the T`stat your self it is a job for a service engineer.



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