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Ford Spare Wheel Carrier

Pc Plod

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I have just had a spare wheel carrier fabricated and fitted on my chausson flash10 on the ford chassis. It is located just in front of the rear axle and swings down after undoing a hand operated wheel.


Chausson and the main dealer both said that it could not be done because the waste tank takes the place of the rear wheel and there isn't anywhere else on the chassis to fix one, but the haulage company who did the work came up trumps. One could say that it may be a bit of a faff crawling underneath the vehicle to get at the wheel but i would never venture abroad without one as my experience with a colleague a few years ago who did not have a spare spoilt our holiday.


The company who did the work are based just outsifde Sheffield and are called Hemingways,who do haulage repairs and motorhome servicing and mot's. There telephone number for anyone interested. is:

01142467676..Ask for Andrew, he is the owner They came highly recommende from a fellow motorhomer.


Regards Harry




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Hello Harry,

This is the most encouraging letter I've found in two years on any forum, in France or in England! We have a sister to your Chausson, a Challenger Genesis 30, so identical. No-one has been able so far to come up with a solution to this problem, and having had three tyre blow-outs on our old Rapido in 10 years, hate the idea of no spare. Would it be possible for you to show a photo of Hemingway's solution? I hate to think I would have to go to Sheffield from home in Normandy to get one fitted. I rang them at closing time and will ring back tomorrow, but they say it took more than one day's work, so obviously expensive and difficult to arrange accommodation if we can't stay in the van!

Best wishes to all,


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Great post

I am picking up my new Chausson best of 10 next week and the thought of no spare wheel niggles me a bit as the dealer also told me there was no room underneath to fit a spare.

As I am in Scotland it would not be handy to go to Sheffield for a couple of days to get one made so I will have a look to see if I can make up something myself.

I assume the spare wheel fits into a cradle so perhaps a cradle from some other vehicle could be adapted.

Anyway this is for the future taking delivery and loading it up will keep me going for a while.

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