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Can anyone help these poor souls?


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The Barton Moss antifracking protestors have put out an urgent appeal because their protest camp has run out of gas for its cookers.


The camp’s supply ran out Sunday morning and they tweeted from their account @BartonMoss “#bartonmoss URGENTLY needs water and gas for the cooker if anyone can help.






(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)




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so have I got this right?, a group of probably youngish, unemployed people, illegally camped on someone else's land on the pretext of protecting our environment against all manner of pollution and despoilment in the procurement of natural gas, a procedure being undertaken fully legally and with a commitment to restoring the site when they have finished. They would like some law abiding citizen to aid and abet them in their illegal endeavours by supplying them with gas on which to cook their food, thereby sustaining them in their illegal endeavours.


Presumably these are mainly the ones that couldn't get tickets for Glastonbury or whatever, so they have hit upon this as a good way to have a really long nonstop party. If they want to pretend to be eco warriors shouldn't they be finding their food in the hedgerows, cooking it over sustainably taken wood fires, making shelters from the natural materials around them etc, but, of course, only when they have obtained the necessary planning permission to establish such a camp in that place.


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Guest pelmetman
malc d - 2014-04-08 10:12 AM


Makes me wonder why they " tweeted for help " .


If I run out of anything, I go and buy some more.





It was Sunday morning ;-).................the benefit office would be closed :D...............

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