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Loads of stuff for sale!!!!

Mel B

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I've been having a clear out of the garage, workshop etc, of stuff that we bought for the motorhome/camper but aren't likely to use now that we've downsized so it's going up for sale along with some other bits and pieces!


As there's quite a bit of it I've done a website with it all listed as I don't think Warners would like to me to totally clog up the classifieds with it all!!!!


Mel's stuff for sale


I'll be putting it up for sale on Ebay, in the local paper, and other free-ad sites at some point but thought I'd see if anyone is interested in some of the bits before I do so, so if there's anything of interest get in touch via this site by PM or via my email address at:




As we're going to the Peterborough show I can take stuff with me if necessary.



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starvin marvin - 2014-04-15 8:37 PM


You wouldn't by any chance be an impulse buyer? One of my sayings is that I'm never surprised what people would sooner have than money. It seems to apply here.


Best of luck with the sale.

Nope, you shouldn't make assumptions as I'm certainly not an impulse buyer at all. As I said having a clear out, some stuff we've had for a while and no point in it sitting in the garage etc gathering dust when someone else could be making use of it, so long as I get some money back for it to cover the cost I'm happy and others get stuff at a reduced price too. :-D

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Guest JudgeMental
So Mel your are going to the show...What's the odds you come back with more stuff then when you went! :D
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Thankfully my strategy of making purchases works I have a sub menu " Would I like It " or " Do I need It " that way I only buy what I need . You have nothing I need Mel , but I hope you manage to sell your unwanted items . Recently I have managed to sell a load of my sons unwanted Items on Facebook as he has moved full time to Chamonix even his partners car with no commission to pay.
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goldi - 2014-04-16 3:15 PM


Afternoon folks,



Chairs are my biggest weakness must have about a dozen all in good condition, the hoarder in me won,t throw them away.




I've just added a couple of nice 'amazing pocket chairs/stools' if you want to add to your collection! (lol)

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LordThornber - 2014-04-16 8:57 PM


Good effort Mel, I've had a poke around but there's nothing for us 8-)



... perhaps I can tempt you with the following bits I've just added:


2 x 'amazing pocket chairs/stools

2 x emergency warning triangles

raceltte grill/griddle

gas bbq

Dometic/Electrolux fridge vent winter covers


Go on ... you know you want SOMETHING!!! :D

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JudgeMental - 2014-04-16 5:28 PM


So Mel your are going to the show...What's the odds you come back with more stuff then when you went! :D

It has been known ... like the 10 x 2-step caravan steps for people who wanted them, a 66cm portable satellite dish for my ex-boss, some folding tables ... we don't have much in the way of caravan / camping / motorhome equipment outlets round here so if people know we're going we get stuff for them. :-D

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Update of what's still for sale:


NOTE: all are NEW unless otherwise indicated:


Audio Visual

Used Multimo Portable Satellite dish etc = £100

Bush Sat Receiver = £10



Raclette Grill 8 place = £15

Latest Model Lakeland Grand Remoska = £140

Cadac Safari Chef Deluxe = £60

440g cylinder (x 3) = £4 each

Thermal Cooking Pot (Lakeland) = £40

Single Electric Hob/Hot Plate = £10

Folding Camping Toaster (x 2) = £4 each



Fridge door shelf = £10

Used Fridge door pocket = £5

Used Fridge winter vents (pair) = £8



Easycamp Daytona Drive Away Awning = £120

Kampa Fiesta Awning Annexe = £80

Round Spike/Stick Table - red = £3

Round Spike/Stick Tables - green =£3

Pocket chair/stool (x 2) = £4 each

Used 3 berth sleeping compartment =£15


Vehicle & Tools

Campingaz Mini Blow lamps = £10 each

Battery Charger/Maintenance Charger = £20

Heavy Duty Work Gloves - blue or brown = £1 a pair

Unused Ford Transit Jack = £10


Misc Bits

Tesco Finest Goose Feather & Down Double Duvet = £25

Single lever kitchen/washroom sink tap = £30



Western style decorated ladies Jeans size 12 = £10


I'll be packing the van tomorrow late afternoon ready for a quick getaway on Thursday morning, so if you want anything taking to Peterborough let me know by tomorrow night at the latest.

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Guest pelmetman
Colin Leake - 2014-04-23 7:28 PM


Blimey Mel I thought my wife was bad enough but you seem to make her look like a rank novice!


Clearly Mel was the original.............Amazon woman....:D.................

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Guest pelmetman
Mel B - 2014-04-23 11:30 PM


Well Dave ... how about a nice 'vintage' warning triangle for your camper?


Its the same as the one in the below link although the box on mine isn't quite so battered! :-D






I have two ;-)..................as required by Johnny Foreigner :D.......................As yet unused in 23.5 years B-)..................Much to the annoyance of many (lol) (lol)..................

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