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Lunar Champ A511 ceiling down lighters


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Does anyone know how to remove the ceiling downlighters from a Lunar Champ A511. One of the downlighters has lost it's glass and glass retaining clip and I can't find a source of spares. It's also the same with the reading lights; I'm told that you just turn the fitting anticlockwise as far as it will go but in my case the two halves won't come apart, any help will be gratefully received.
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If the "downlighters" are the type shown here, you may find it cheaper/simpler to replace the complete light rather than try to source spare parts for the damaged one.




There are plenty of alternatives - for example




I can't advise on dismantling the reading lights. It's not always obvious how such things come apart and, as turning the fitting anticlockwise apparently doesn't work, it may be that the lights on Lunar Champs differ from model-year to model-year. (Presumably whoever told you about anticlockwise turning knew what your lights looked like and/or was a Lunar Champ owner.)


I did find a video-clip of a 2007 A511



but it's not easy to see details of the living-area lights and (as I've just suggested) the lights in your 2009 Champ may be different. If you can provide photos of your lights, a forum-member may be able to identify them and tell you exactly how to take them apart.


(I note that a Champ A511 owner "donbarry" responded to your water-draining inquiry last month




You might try contacting him via e-mail or a Private Message (PM) as he may be able to assist.)

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