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Campervan magazine on-sale now!

Lucie Cranfield

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Hello All,


The brand new Campervan magazine is on-sale in newsagents now! Our first issue is packed with:


* Essential buying advice and tips, plus types of conversion available


* The top UK activities to enjoy in a campervan


* Campervan owners share their experiences


* Touring Cornwall by campervan


* New models tested: including Westfalia Amunsden, Bailey Approach 540, Globecar Globescout, Lunar Vacanza and others


Plus much more! Don't miss out get your copy now.


Have a lovely Easter!

Lucie :-D

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I raised a similar question, when this new mag was mentioned not so long back...

...and I think the Bailey CB was included as part of a "comparison" test...


If it remains a dedicated "campervan" mag' and doesn't "drift" towards Coach-builts , then I'd welcome it... ;-)


(..and after all, we don't have to buy it....)

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We're back to the old question of definitions again aren't we? When is a campervan not a campervan?

For most people, the word conjures up an image of a pop-top VW, or maybe a Bongo-type van. But "motorhome" sounds coachbuilt.

So what DO you call a well-spec'd van conversion (with cooker, heating, hot water, shower, toilet ...)?


I raised this over on "the other side" earlier this month. People in tents with lots of mod-cons and gadgets are sometimes referred to now as "glamping." So maybe my van is a "glampervan?"


Definitions aside though, Warners now produce three monthly mags for the MH/Camper market, so they really need to start differentiating them much more clearly - unless their business model requires getting all of us to buy all three every month (Warners? Surely not!).


For instance, why not have one which tests and compares coachbuilts, one which tests and compares PVCs, and one which is all about USING our vans - travel, sites, tech questions, accessories and gadgets.


That way, we'd know what we were buying (or subscribing to). If we're in the market for a new van, or watching the marketplace ready for our next change, then we'll buy one which tests and compares the types of van we're interested in. If we're already happy with our pride and joy, and just enjoy USING it, we'd go for the one with all the travel and tech articles in. Simples!


Oh, but then no-one would buy all three, would they?


Personally, I quite enjoyed this first issue - it was varied and interesting, and if it occasionally allowed the odd compact coachbuilt to slip through I can forgive that. But would I buy it every month? Depends on whether they can keep up the range and variety. Let's give them chance and see what happens.

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