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Huawei E5776 - "roaming" settings?


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I have this MiFi device, and due to the endless patience of Mel B (to whom many, many thanks) have succeeded in unlocking it to use with a GiffGaff sim in the uk.


For use in France I got a "Joe" sim and set up the appropriate profile with the correct APN name. However, the MiFi device fails to connect to the internet, and it seems to be something to do with roaming. Certainly the Joe sim works fine in my wife's 3G iPad and the SIM card isn't really roaming - Joe is a French network running on SFR. But it's almost as though the problem is a conflict between the Huawei's settings (which think I am roaming) and the Joe network? The Huawei shows a scrolling message saying Roaming - use Web UI. But I can find nowhere in the Huawei Web UI settings page referring to roaming.


Am I just being thick here? Any help (from Mel B or anyone else who can help) very gratefully received!

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I've been having a read of the French Joemobile forums and so just want to check the following:


Have you fully pushed the sim into the Mifi (and have it the right way round!)


Have you set up the new profile* correctly and then done the 'set-up' wizard to select it:


The APN settings for Joemobile are as follows:


Name: (whatever you want)

APN: sl2sfr

Username: leave empty

Password: leave empty


* if you can't remember how here's a link to my original web-page about it:




I'll keep 'hunting' for more info!


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One other question ... are you sure you've got a mifi (ie data) sim and not a phone/tablet sim as I can't see any reference at all on the Joemobile site to a purely data sim.


A phone/tablet sim will NOT work in a mifi

If it is definitely a modem sim, it could be Joemobile themselves preventing it being used in it (ie blocking the IMEI)

Or the Joemobile sim just won't work in some modems anyway.




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Mel, thank you very much indeed for all your research - I am forever in your debt.


Going through the options you pose:

1 I'm sure the SIM is in right - I got it in wrong first time so turned it round.

2. I'd assumed that the phrase on the personalised tariff page "Mode modem et VOIP inclus" meant I could use it in a MiFi, which is after all a modem, but maybe it only refers to in a tablet (& possibly for tethering?). I guess I need to ask this on the Joe site.

3. Yes, the profile is, I'm pretty sure, correct - I've checked it several times.

4. As to whether there's a problem with the specific device/IMEI on Joe, hopefully asking about MiFi use (2 above) may clarify.


Thanks again.

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Having just gone onto Joe's very helpful "Wiki" community section, and read some of a thread in English about foreigners wanting a data sim for a MiFi, it appears there should be no problem using Joe with a MiFi. I'm probably, on past experience, missing something blindingly obvious.
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Solwaybuggier - 2014-04-20 9:43 AM


Well, I said it was obvious - I'd read the APN as "s12sfr" rather than as "sl2sfr"! It is now fine - thank you very much indeed.

Pleased its working now ... should have gone to Specsavers!!! :D


Oh - I think you ought to change your forum name to 'sillybuggier' now!!!! (lol)

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Glad you managed to sort out the problem. As an added piece of information, SFR is in the process of being taken over and no-one seems to know what will happen to existing arrangements/tariffs etc. I have a SIM card which I bought from Leclerc for phone calls, operating system Regio which is a subsidiary of SFR. I believe that BT FON also works through the SFR network in France so quite a few SIM cards may be affected by this takeover/merger. Probably a case of wait and see.


I also use a MIFI and although unlocked now I obtained it through 3. When I put a foreign SIM in it I am often confused because it still comes up with 3 on the screen at first and then takes some time to change to Orange (France that is).

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