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Ducato 2.8jtd Starting Hiccup


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2005 Fiat Ducato 2.8jtd Autotrail.

Have a read of this and see if you have any ideas/thoughts


Setting off Thursday morning the M/H did not start as expected, I usually jump in the cab but leave/forget to retract the habitation step, turn the key which retracts the step with a buzzer. It usually fires up instantly to 1000rpm and within a couple of seconds, idles at around 900rpm. Thurs’ morn’ it started but not as enthusiastic as normal, however after pulling off my drive and maneuvering the engine just stopped, no misfiring, spluttering etc, just stopped as though the key had been turned off. Repeatedly turning the key would spin the engine but it would not fire up. So I rolled it to the side of the road. Don’t know why but I operated the habitation step out and in again, and then tried the key again and the M/H fired up as normal, idled ok and would hold revs without any problem. So off we set to fuel up.

Next morning (Friday) on site with the step out I tried it again and once again it was not its usual self. I had the bonnet open to see or smell any clues to the problem and the engine turned itself off. Again operating the step on the switch by the door resulted in the engine being started as normal off the key.

So I used some maintenance spray on the step switch and the pivots.

Next morning (Sat) I retracted the step 1st then started the M/H and all was back to normal.

Sunday morning again with the step retracted before starting, the M/H was back to its usual self and we returned home.

Tomorrow at home I will try starting with the step out and see what happens.

The previous trip was in March - 550miles with a Smart in tow, no problems whatsoever even sitting for five days on the site. The low fuel did come on when returning and parking on my drive (gauge not on empty) and it has done no miles before Easter’s trip.

Do you think the step is/was the issue or maybe a red herring?




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