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Extending radio "on" time for Euro 5 Peugeot Boxers


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To extend the radio "on" time from 20 minutes to 180 minutes for the current range of Peugeot Boxer vans follow the guide below ........ (this may also work for other X250 vans).


This radio has the option of being used in 'NORMAL' mode, which will switch the radio off after 20 minuets, or in 'CAMPER' mode, which will allow the use the radio for 180 minutes.

To swap between the two settings, do the following ........


1) Turn the radio ‘ON’ using the central power button.


2) Within 10 seconds, simultaneously press 'FM AS' and the pre-set button '2' and hold them pressed until the display changes to show either, 'NORMAL' power mode or 'CAMPER' power mode (this will take about 5 seconds). If the wrong mode is shown, switch the radio off and repeat until you get 'CAMPER'.


3) Ensure that 'CAMPER' power mode is displayed, then press ‘MENU’


4) Using the ‘UP and ‘DOWN’ buttons over and under the central power button, now changes the display to show various adjustable items. Cycle through the options until ‘RADIO OFF’ and a number of minutes is shown on the display. This will take approx. two presses of the ‘UP’ button or seven presses of the ‘DOWN’ button.


5) With ‘RADIO OFF’ shown on the display, press the ‘LEFT’ or ‘RIGHT’ button on either side of the central power button. Each press of either button will alternate the number of minutes shown between ‘180’ and ‘0’


6) With ‘180’ showing on the display the setting is complete and 180 minutes of radio operation will be possible. Press the ‘Menu’ button to exit the menu and return the display to its usual view.


I hope that this is clear and that it is of help to those of you exasperated with the wretched 20 minute cut-off time.

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Extending the radio time on my Boxer was done by a competent raidio installer by adding a couple of diodes several years ago. Also fitting an on/off switch just below the radio. We can have the radio on all day if we like so no getting up and down to switch the thing on.
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Thanks for that info worked a treat on our Peugot Boxer 2012. Have also wired in an extra 12v Aux socket wired to battery (via a fuse).

This is now driving one of the Sonichi DAB receiver/tx from Halfords (£49). You need to all purchase the screen mounted DAB aeriel.

Now get DAB via original radio. You can also feed an MP3 or iPod through the aux input.


Cheers :-)

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