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Fiat Ducato 2006JTD gear shift

Max Speed

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Having suffered the dreaded Ducato/Boxer/ Relay sticky gear shift and having little or no luck with a Fiat dealer , offering costly options ,I decided to have a serious look at the problem.

Having removed the air cleaner and ductwork and ran the Ducato onto ramps to give a usefull bit of clearance, I removed the plastic cover piece off the selector crank and slacked off the 8mm nut(13mm) socket.,also removed the bracket off to the side of this (13mm socket),disconnected the first cable ball joint, I then proceeded to gently tap the crank off the shaft which took a fair bit of force.

When removed,the corrosion was severe, having cleaned the shaft with abrasive cloth and got the selector crank on the bench,after cleaning.

I then packed the crank with grease and refitted all, the gear shift is now better than new.

However ,there is a black nylon bush which fits the rear of the selector crank, take care as this can spring off. Time taken 1hr 35mins.

When I get a spare moment I think I will take it apart again drill & tap and fit a grease nipple

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