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Replacing cartridge on comet florenz mixer tap - how?


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I think the mixer tap on my van is this one




However, I don't know how to replace the cartridge and can't find anything on the web.


The dealer at the store above doesn't know either.

Is anyone familiar with this tap?

The Reich taps which look very similar can, apparently, replace the cartridge by levering out the red/blue indicator on the tap handle allowing access to things. I've tentatively tried this but nothing seems to move, and I don't want to break it!

I'm guessing the cartridge is the problem as water is coming out of the bottom of the tap underneath the sink each time the tap is turned on.

Thanks for any help

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Hi Ihad this problem in my m/h,different make of tap but, had to take out red/blue indicator and behind was a grub screw undone with an allen key. After loosening grub screw the top lifted off exposing a large brass nut. Undo the nut and then lift out the cartridge. Hope this helps .

Regards David

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