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Hello all,

We recently purchased a classic "Chausson A Class Bora 258 1988" It seems there may be issues with the electrics, Possibly no power getting to the pump and water heater also possibly the fridge, however the power does go to the lights and heater fan blower (rear) does anyone know anything about the following control panel?

How do these water heaters work? Thanks, J

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Unless there's a forum member with a Bora (or with an intimate knowledge of older Chaussons) I'm doubtful anyone will be able to provide definitive answers.


The control-panel was mentioned in this 2009 thread




but I'd expect it to be relatively straightforward (a photo of your Bora's panel might help).


Truma water-boilers were being made in 1988 and the 9th gallery-photo on the following link




that shows what looks like a gas-boiler exhaust, suggests that a Bora might have had one of these. If that were the case, obtaining information about it would be easy. Isn't there anything on your water-heater (or its exhaust) to identify its make/model? If not, then again a photo might help.


As far as I'm aware there is no UK club for Chaussons. I've also looked at a couple of 'classic camper' forums and found no Chausson-related postings. Can't you get in touch with the previous owner?

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I'm guessing you got no handbooks with the van?


As Derek says, some pictures might help.


Has this happened recently? I would assume you went though all the various components to check operation with the previous owner as part of the sale?


Could be something as simple as fuses - check all the connections and wiring, vans of this age have often been 'got at' by previous owners with some amazing results!





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