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Plug-in systems PMS5BWAH


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I drive an elderly Autocruise Starfire, registered in 1999. Thge electrical system is provided by an outfit that i think no longer trades called "Plug-in Systems", although I believe their products were used quite widely at the time my van was manufactured. I have very little information about the system, although I do have the original manual from Autocruise. My question relates to the effectiveness of the battery charging function, and whether it would be worthwhile to consider an 'intelligent' charger such as one from CTEK. If so, what would be involved in installing a new charger?


The only information about the battery charging function is as follows:


'The PMS5 employs a fully automatic mains to 12 volt dc transformer and battery charger, able to operate with a wide range of input voltagesand provides a stable output voltageeven under load. The unit can provide up to 10 amps maximum, after which it will begin to shut down to protect itself.'


Any/all help appreciated! (?)

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I agree with the above, I had a 2005 Starlet 2 that had a 'plug in systems' Charger/Mains system, the charger was u/s on purchase from Brownhills Swindon, they sourced a new one from :




and Fitted it for me. Worked perfectly until we part ex'ed the van. Ray



the charger fitted to my van was the Multi Stage 18 amp, £80.

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