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Oyster satellite multimedia on hymer b514


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Can any of you experts out there explain to me,how to play the DVD with the hymer installed multimedia system in my hymer b514,

The DVD will play sound through the jvc radio but cannot get the picture on the camos monitor grand kids not impressed want to watch Shaun the sheep,

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Is your B514 by any chance a Gold Edition?


On this system dealers were left to fit the TV and finish the wiring off & they often got it wrong.


Normally Satellite is on AV1 & DVD is on AV2, the Camos TV has a small multi connector in the back the cable goes into the cupboard behind the oyster receiver where the lead splits with phono's & mini jacks for all the inputs and outputs. In the same place you will also find the cables from the head unit for the DVD output & input cables to the sub woofer.


If you don't have any luck send me a PM with an email address & I'll send you a wiring diagram I did for my Tramp Gold.


Also Hymer crossed the sound wiring over on the head unit, sitting in the driving position front speakers are normal left Right but the rear speakers were crossed over I think the idea was when driving you listen on the front speakers and when parked up with seats swiveled you listen on the rear speakers.

I changed mine over so all were correct when parked up as this suited us better.



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Thanks Lennie,

Have sent you a pm with my email address,very frustrating having a system that I do not know how to use,

My fault should have made sure I knew how it worked before I left the dealer, have asked them now but they are not sure, awaiting a reply from Germany.

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