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fiat ducato chausson flash 08 2008


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A picture would have been useful, but I suspect this model used Hella "caraluna" light fittings.


It would be worthwhile googling "caraluna" to check, and find suppliers.


Be aware that they came in a number of different shapes over the years (though, if you need one the required shape will be obvious), and that they did versions for both motorhomes and trailer caravans - the latter being unsuitable (and illegal) as they have the "towing triangle" reflector.


In addition, they are in theory "handed" for LHD and RHD (as the fog-light and reversing light are mounted on different sides); in practice continental converters often simply reverse the fitting, which is functionally OK, but leaves the drain holes on the top. If you get an LHD fitting, seal the drain holes at the top with silicon, and drill a couple of matching holes at the bottom before mounting.

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