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Different strokes........Painting courses?


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I'm looking for a weekend, or 2-3 day watercolour or acrylic painting course, and ideally I would be able to take the 'van along for acommodation. My wife might also like to come along and do other things.

Have any of you good folks come across anything that might be worth considering? Must be some amateur artists out there?


alan b

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There are some courses in Lymington in the New Forest - (I am biased but if I could paint it - I would!)




It seems the Saturday workshops listed have just "gone" (March & April) - but I am sure they will have more later in the year.


And a thriving art community




You may find they run something or can put you in touch with what you want.







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Guest JudgeMental
Mental Manor going on the market soon...You can came around and practice painting the exterior for moi ;-)
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