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Coolmatic Fridge Problem


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I have a Waeco Coolmatic fridge (7 years old) which has a cut out designed to prevent the leisure battery from being completely flattened. The fridge runs fine on mains or when the engine is running, but cuts out as soon as it reverts to battery power. (345 AH battery bank showing 12.8 volts on the multimeter).


does anyone know if its possible to bypass the voltage sensor and if so how ?

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums.


I suspect that you won't get a simple yes-or-no answer to such a specific question as the number of forum members who own and have expert technical knowledge of Waeco Coolmatic fridges is likely to be very small.


I note that Waeco has a contact page on their website




If you don't get any forum feedback that helps, you might try Waeco themselves.

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