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Tyrepal Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitor


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For information, anyone considering the purchase of one of the new model TB99 units from the Tyrepal site, there is currently a discount code available that reduces the price to £99.99, though there is postage of £4.99 to be added to that, still a good discount from the normal £135 price, the code is put in at the checkout stage and is ATT1311.



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I was able to buy this model for £99 + postage using a code in the Daily Telegraph about a month ago. And I'm very impressed with the kit. Easy to set up and install.


Currently touring in Spain and Portugal and find it very reassuring to see the tyre pressures and temperatures.


I placed the monitor on the front edge in the cubby-hole above the radio in our X250 cab - keeps it out of direct sunlight on top of the dash, and also away from 'prying eyes'.


I have no connection with the company other than as a satisfied customer (so far), and highly recommend the product, which offers good value for money.



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