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Fridge not working [Domestic]


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Not working on gas can be as simple as the gas not turned on at the isolating tap or gas cylinder and if there is gas getting to it then it is often the jet that is blocked.

You do not specify which model Dometic as jets vary in type and fitting as does how the igniter works.

If you are competent the jet can be removed and cleaned with compressed air - NOT with wire as it is a finely engineered and very small hole.

It should only work on 12 volt when the engine is running - are you aware of this - because if the igniter is working, unless it is a very old fridge with a manual igniter, that suggests that 12 volts is getting to the fridge.

Does it work on mains power?

From the tone of your posting and that you need to ask I kinda get the feeling the job of investigating would be best left to a suitably qualified and experienced person as found in many caravan, boat or motorhome retailers or repairers.

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Renvyle5 - 2014-05-20 7:41 PM


Does anyone know about solving problem with fridge not working on gas as pilot light not staying on also doesn't work on 12v it is Domestic make any ideas anyone


Does the pilot light stay on for any length of time, ours lit then after about 10 to 15 minutes went out, asked on here and was given some very good advise regards cleaning the jets and things, do a search and I am sure you will find lots of very good advise

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