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Essen Suspension Line


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I've noticed that during restoration work the overhead line is shut and a bus service operates. Can anyone advise whether this means that the line is shut until the work is completed or that it is only occasionally shut ?


Emailed the tourist office etc but received no replies.

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....I believe the majority of the modernisation work is complete (last year), but there appear to be periodic closures for engineering work.


The English part of the Schwebebahn website is rather silent on the situation, but the German part is somewhat more revealing.


Currently, this shows a closure on the w/e of 14/15th June 2014, during which the replacement bus service will run. The wording used leads me to believe that the line is open, with only periodic bus replacement services.


"Am Wochenende 14./15. Juni 2014 wird die Schwebebahn nicht fahren. In dieser Zeit fährt der SchwebebahnExpress. (SchwebebahnExpress is the bus)


You may have to check your particular dates, but the above is the only restriction currently shown.

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