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Dome satellite help


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My friend has a new to him (used) motorhome and asked me to hook his new Cello TV and Dome Satellite up. The Sat dome has 2 cables coming down, assuming a twin LNB, and his TV only has a single satellite input.

When I connect just a single LNB cable form the dome to the TV I get reception and the automatic search finds around 300 stations, but the dome is still whirring around like its still looking??


When i use a separate satellite receiver with 2 inputs, such as the sky box, as soon as both LNB cables are plugged in the dish stops and is quiet as a mouse. This makes me think the Dome is only happy when both LNB cables are in use at the same time.


My questions are....

1. How can i stop the dome whirring away when only connecting a single cable into his Cello TV?

2. Should it be whirring like this when using a single LNB cable, or is it a fault?


Many Thanks


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I cannot recall which one it was. I will call him in the morning to check.

I assumed (but could be wrong) that all LNB's worked in the same way as they're sold as universal items in places such as Maplins?

Saying that, i guess any software / firmware in the satellite unit could be playing a part... I will check the brand name and come back to you,



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