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The fable of the little bird.


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Once upon a time there was a little bird who decided to stay in the far North for the winter.


However it quickly turned so very cold that he reluctantly began to fly South to join his mates.


Ice began to form on his wings and almost frozen to death he fell to earth in a field.


A friendly looking cow wandered by and deposited a bovine pancake on the poor little bird.


The bird thought that his end had come, but it was warm under the pancake and it defrosted his wings.


Warm and happy the little bird decided to sing out about his new found joie de vivre.


Just at that time a prowling cat was close and on hearing the little bird sing promptly dug him out and ate him.



And thus the morals of this story are -


Anyone who deposits on you is not necessarily your enemy and anyone who pulls you out of the mire is not necessarily your friend.




If you are warm, safe and happy in a pile of dung - keep your mouth shut and enjoy.

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Guest pelmetman
That's the difference between Dogs and Cats ;-).......................Troy would've ate the sh*t and left the bird 8-)..........
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The Pearly Gates


40 Gypsies arrive at the Pearly Gates in their Transit vans and caravans.


St Peter goes into the gatehouse and phones up God, saying. 'I've got 40 travellers here. Can I let them in?'


God says 'We are over quota on Pikeys . Go out and tell them to choose between them which are the 12 most worthy, and I will let just the dozen in.'


Less than a minute later St Peter is on the phone to God again. 'They've gone', he tells God.


'What?' says God, 'All 40 of them?'


'No, the gates'.


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