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LPG filling stations ??


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My Discovery is Dual Fuel - Petrol/LPG and so when travelling I punch in the refill stations into the satnav.


You should not have a problem refilling a fixed tank - but my understanding is that Autogas stations will not usually allow people to refill the separate refillable gas cylinders.


As I understand it - a fixed system has to be checked regularly (I assume a fixed non engine system on a Motorhome still gets checked at MOT time?- or is it gas checked? ) whereas a standalone refillable cylinder could suffer all sorts of abuse and never be checked.


Subsequently most filling stations can not get insurance cover for refilling the refillable cylinders with auto gas.


Hope this helps



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Hi Trisha,

if you have an android device, there is an app called fill lpg it is very good, updates on a regular basis, if you turn your location on it finds sites around you or if you know where you are heading you can just search, I don't know if it is available for apple or windows though.


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