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Minimum Wage.


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Paddy McCoy, an elderly Irish farmer, received a letter from the Department for Work & Pensions stating that they suspected he was not paying his employees the statutory minimum wage and they would send an inspector to interview them and on the appointed day, the inspector turned up.


"Tell me about your staff," he asked Paddy.


"Well," said Paddy, "there's the farm hand, I pay him £240 a week, and he has a free cottage,

then there's the housekeeper, she gets £190 a week, along with free board and lodging, and finally.

there's also the half-wit.

He works a 16 hour day, does 90% of the work, gets paid about £25 a week along with a bottle of whisky now and then and, as a special treat gets to sleep with my wife."


"That's disgraceful" said the inspector, "I need to interview the half-wit."


"That'll be me then," said Paddy.

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alan - 2014-05-30 9:00 PM


OMG Tracker, if this wasn't so true it would be funny! Anyone running a small business would agree!



I know - I first saw this joke 20 years ago when I was running a sub post office / village shop and when I worked out my hourly rate in the first full year I too discovered that my staff had been paid more than I had per hour!

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peter - 2014-06-01 10:35 PM


I always suspected you were a halfwit Richard. You have just confirmed my suspicions.



Thank you Peter for taking your usual opportunity to inject some snide under your usual guise of humour.


Well done, you have really stretched your brain cell with the originality of that one (lol)

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