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1988 Traffic Camper: HOW TO MAKE A DOUBLE BED??


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Hi everyone we are new to the forum and have brought an old 1988 renault romance T1000 Hightop camper van for festivals this summer


We just cant find any information or suss out how to make up a double bed as everytime we look and try it seems like 2 singles

The passenger seat is a captains one and swivels and the drivers is fixed, there are 2 wooden seats behind the front seats that are fixed

We have the table but then it all comes up too short



Can anyone offer some pictures / schematics or just plain help as we really need a double bed

Thanks in advance


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Guest pelmetman
You should have the address of the previous owner in the log book, might be worth dropping him a line ;-)................As many vans get modified over the years to suit the owners preferred method of camping, so some of the bits needed to make a double may have been removed :-S.........
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