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Which ferry UK - Jersey - St Malo

mike 202

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Please can anyone help ? I have tried the find a route myself but have drawn a blank.


I want to travel from UK (ideally Portsmouth) to Jersey (a couple of weeks stay) then on to St Malo and return to UK via Calais/Dover. Timescale September/October 2014 for a tour lasting 4 to 6 weeks.


Motorhome - 6.3mtr + cycle rack, Ht 2.9mtr, 3500 kg. I.e My Autosleeper Windsor.


Thanks in anticipation





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Hi Mike

There does not seem to be provision for Motor Home on the Condor Ferry site Not sure if you can go from Portsmouth, think it may have to be Poole


I believe you have to book a site before you can take a MH to Chanel Is. M aybe CC can help if you are a member (you used not to be able to take vans over, a fairly recent law now allows them (I think) but only if you book a site first)


They are lovely islands but roads are very narrow so you would probably need to leave van on site and use Bikes or bus (which are cheap). We spent many days on all the islands when we were sailing


You coukl contact the tourist board for the Island you are interested in, they should be able to advise you



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Thank you Pauline,


I did not know about booking a site to be anabled to buy a ferry ticket. That explains why my brother (with caravan) bought a package of Ferry + Campsite from the Ferry company. I will try tourist board.



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Update on Jersey.


I have edited the Jersey tourism reply but have the full version, with the actual process from Campsite to tourist board to Ferry company to recieving the permit if anyone wants to PM me.


A permit is needed and can only be obtained by booking with a campsite. The campsite then makes the ferry booking. NOT You !!!!

Conditions for Bringing Caravans or Motorhomes to Jersey

The current legislation put in place by the Jersey authorities requires that all visitors travelling to the island with a caravan or motorhome must be in possession of a valid permit.

In order to obtain a quote or make a reservation passengers must go through one of the campsites on Jersey participating in the scheme or via the Camping and Caravan Club if members.

Duration of Stay

Maximum of one month per caravan/motor home.

Type of Unit/Size

WIDTH: Towed caravan including the towing vehicle or motor home 2.3m (this includes any fitting on or attached to the vehicle but excludes mirrors and indicators).

HEIGHT: 3.1m.

LENGTH: Motor home 9.3m.

Circulation on Island

Visiting Caravans and motor homes on permit are restricted to one journey to and one journey from, the campsite to the port. Caravans and motor homes must remain on the designated site for the period of the permit.

Special dispensation has been given allowing motor homes to circulate on the Island on a daily basis but MUST return to the designated campsite each night. (Drivers should be aware that many of Jersey’s roads are narrow and may have limited access)

Display of Permit

A copy of the permit must be displayed in the window of the unit clearly showing the dates for which the permit is valid.


Full third party insurance must be in force for the full duration of the stay and documents proving ownership must be carried.


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We have been to jersey for the last two years. Motorhomes are allowed free movement during your stay but do have to return to the campsite each night. Roads are narrow. Is Condor the only ferry company that service that area?


We have stayed on rozel campsite which is very good. There's a pool and variety of flat fields, some with views over to France others just tucked away. It can get very windy on the field that has views to France. There's a pool and shower blocks. When we contacted the site they give you a tel number of a jersey holiday agent who will book ferry for you, the ferry is usually at better rates than if you book yourself. They will send you a permit which is free of charge which will have to be displayed in your window for the duration of your stay. The fast ferry takes MH upto 6.5m which takes 4 hrs, any larger you have to go on the slower ferry


We like going because we can take the dogs without having to do the usual rabies etc. they can stay in the MH on the fast ferry. if you don't want to use ur MH there is a bus stop outside the site to take you into St Helier which will then give you access to the Island. We found hiring a car simple enough which gives you more freedom.

If you go enjoy, we're having this year in Uk and returning next year.


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