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Were a family of 5 that are thinking about getting into caravaning but not really sure where to start. Probably like to begin with a half decent used one just to be sure it's definitely for us, so any advice on whether to go trade or private or places to visit or avoid would be much appreciated. Many thanks! :-)

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Hi Martyn and welcome to the madhouse where things are never quite what they seem and every question is often answered by more questions before a reply can be given!


Have you considered hiring a caravan first to get an idea what layout works or does not work well for you and your tribe, and how you take to towing a behemoth?


Some hirers will even refund the hire cost, or part of, if you go on to buy from them.


Apart from that visit as many dealers and shows as you can and compare things like how easy bed making is, how well the kitchen would work for your style of eating, is there enough lounge space to get away from each other, how does the shower and loo size work for you, is there enough storage for all your needs, how about the weight that your car can safely tow, and noseweight, and space to store it and still be able to get it in and out.


Lots of research before you even get to a short list?

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