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Seen a auto sleeper talisman


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There is a very good forum specifically for Autosleeper owners.

It's at www.autosleeper-ownersforum.com.

You should get a good response there, quite a few Talisman owners.

You might want to include the price it's being offered at.

Good luck.

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Happyhacker - 2014-07-16 9:05 AM


This has done 58k 1990 and 2.5D. Being green about ccampervans any advice on this model? Thanks.


I had a 1988 version, with a 1970cc petrol engine. VERY important, make sure your Talisman has Power Steering, many didn't and a 2.5 d is a very heavy lump. The Talbot Cabs rusted very quickly,

Check, bottom of both doors, sills, the Scuttle strip below the windscreen, (this can be very serious/terminal). Front Panel behind grille, and the front wings, not forgetting the bonnet front lip. !! a lot of these panels are (were) still available from 'Hadrian Panels'.

The Coachbuilt 'monocoque' fibreglass body is virtually indestructable, but check the sliding side windows for leaks/ operation. A good first van ! but be prepared for some DIY !

Check out the 'Preloved Website'. A lot of good info on there. Ray



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