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Hot water

Franjo Vujovic

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Can anyone explain how to access the hot water pipe feeds between the water heater/pump and the taps?

My camper van is a Peugeot Boxer Harmony 2002 and I have a leak somewhere under the floor between the heater/pump and the taps on the hot water feed.

The cold water feed runs under the sink unit and around the out side to the rear of the floor, but the hot water feed vanishes between the fridge housing and the toilet/shower cubicle.

I need to find the leak under the floor but I am having a problem gaining access to the pipework. Advice or planning schematic would be helpful.

There is nothing in the vehicle booklet to help.



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I would assume(and it is just an assumption), that it'll probably be a case of removing the backs and bases of cupboards?..

...although I suppose there is the possibility that the pipes have been made "captive" by the shower tray and/or loo assembly?..and that it is a "T"/ branch in that area, that is the cause of the leak? :-S

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Panel vans are usually built with all the services fitted first and the furniture etc added around them and access can sometimes be impossible without removing furniture.


We had a similar leak last year in our Warwick and I was able to get at the pipe from behind the boiler then through the lower fridge vent and along to the tap.


The pinprick hole shed an amazing volume of water and was not easy to locate as I was expecting to see a large split, but as I could get at each end I was fortunate enough to be able to replace the full length of red tube which I did by securely taping the new pipe to the old before pulling and wiggling it through.


Had I not been able to get at it I would have considered re-routing a new pipe rather than removing furniture.


If you know where the leak is and can get your hands to it simply cutting the pipe and rejoining it using a push fit coupling would work?

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