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Last minute... again! French Aire poi info needed


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Hello All

Have not been on here for a while but when I do get on it always seems to be needing some info at the last minute due to not being organised    *-)  

We are off to Sunny France in two days and are heading down the east side towards Lake Annecy via Alsace.

I know how to download poi's onto my tom-tom but not sure where to find the files, have looked on the camping car-infos site but I am not sure how to download them.

Any help as always, much appreciated

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Go on to campingcar site at


www.i-campingcar.fr/accueil. htm


Scroll down to box : Coordonees GPS

This box changes to: Choissez GPS

Select TomTom


Enter your surname, first name and email address. Then click Envoyer.


Camping car will then send you a zip file attached to an email.

This has to be unzipped and loaded onto your TomTom.


I do not know how to do this because I use Garmin. However I think there is information on how to load poi in this forum at the top of motorhome matters.


Aires poi can also be found on archiescampings

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...as above, Archies is good for campsites (but I'm not sure it has the aires, unless it's been recently updated).


To download these from Campingcar-infos


1. On the home page, hit "Cliquez Pour Entrer" (in the middle of the page)


2. Hit "Téléchargement GPS" (in the menu are down the LHS)


3. Hit the TomTom symbol


4. You can then chose to download all the aires (every country) with the top TomTom symbol, or just one or more countries by selecting the appropriate symbol for the appropriate country(ies)




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Guest JudgeMental
As for sunny..suggest you look at a few forecasts! Alsace not good and outlook not that great either.....we are there now.
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